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Networks and Space Education


PolyLAB is working to spread knowledge and interest in advanced communication and space exploration technologies. We will not be offering a course this year, through the School of Communication, but expect to offer others in the future.

Past Course Details


CMNS 458-4/CMNS 856-5 Networks Now and Future: From Ethernet to Interplanetary Networks


Steve Braham, researcher in advanced collaborative networks and space exploration technologies at the SFU PolyLAB.


Undergrads: At least 75 credit hours, and permission of instructor. Graduate students only require permission of instructor. An SFU email account is required. Material not introduced during lectures will be available online. An email account, and access to the Web will be essential. A printer would be a good idea!


This course is intended to introduce students with non-technical backgrounds to some of the basic technical concepts and terminology surrounding the broad range of present network technologies, providing a basic understanding of how these technologies work and are applied in the modern Internet world. In addition, the course will introduce the concepts behind the Next Generation Internet, leading to mobile networks and, eventually, networks spanning our Solar System and beyond.

The course will take a non-technical approach, concentrating on the building blocks of network systems, and the implications of their operation, and not on the technical details of their implementation. The aim is to provide an insight into the exciting possibilities for modern networking technology, and to allow the student to build an understanding of the issues involved in the building of globally networked communities.

The course will be organized as a project group, and will concentrate on team projects involving network technology, and not on teaching the details of networking. Students will be expected to teach themselves any detailed network technology needed, under the aid of the instructor.


Class time and location:

The classes will be held in Room 7000, TIME Centre, SFU at Harbour Centre, from 0900 to 1200. A very cool, networked, room!


Concepts and technologies to be introduced include:
  • Basics of network communication
  • Traditional wire-based networks: copper to fibre-optics
  • Wireless networks
  • Global networking: TCP/IP and ATM systems
  • Routing, nameservers, and other network infrastructure
  • Mobile networks: the Wireless Web, Voice Web, Mobile IP, and beyond
  • Global collaborative networking
  • Communicating via spacecraft
  • Communicating on another planet, and with another planet
  • Appropriate network technologies for the global community

What we'll teach in each lecture is described online.


Course Resources will be placed online as needed

Powerpoints from Lecture:

Project Proposals, format and proposals.

Project Reports, format and schedule.

Project Presentations, format and schedule.

Wireless systems information, useful stuff for groups working on wireless technologies!

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